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1 mai 2022

First of May 2022 – Long live the popular masses, war on the imperialist war

It is with enthusiasm that on this first of May 2022, we salute the international proletariat and the communist vanguards who, armed with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, are opening the way to the world revolution, which will put an end to the exploitation and oppression throughout the planet, making the popular masses triumph. We reaffirm our belief in […]

9 octobre 2021

Gonzalo, faithful defender of the thesis that nothing is indivisible

One issue is important for understanding of Maoism: to what extent has Gonzalo positions with conform to the teachings of Mao Zedong that « nothing is indivisible »? Should we consider Gonzalo as the one who carried the flag of Maoism after the counter-revolution in people’s China in 1976 ? Let’s look at the different points here. […]

17 juillet 2021

Editorial of the international marxist leninist maoist journal “Communism” n°14

Communism exists since 2016 and the great crisis that began in 2020 emphasizes the fact that what is at stake for humanity is its ability to raise its level of consciousness enough to face the challenges of an entire era. From climate change to the animal condition, from the refinement of exploitation to the systematization […]

17 juillet 2021

The question of the crisis: an example of error with A Nova Democracia

The irruption of the COVID-19 pandemics in 2020 was a crash test for all the revolutionaries in the world. Would they be able to face a global crisis, to understand it and give the keys to face it adequately? Or was it only possible for them to accompany the events? It depended of course of […]

1 mai 2020

With people’s war, under the banner of MLM, facing the second general crisis of capitalism!

First of May, 2020 Declaration MLM Center Belgium CPF (mlm) We are entering the new era, one where everything will change in the most profound way, at all levels, in all areas. The strategic offensive of the world revolution has now its material basis to carry itself out in the fullest way. This perfectly confirms […]

28 avril 2020

The covid-19 crisis and the second general crisis of capitalism

  The health crisis, which is at the same time an ecological crisis, cannot be separated from the general crisis of capitalism; everything actually comes together in a bundle of contradictions. The capitalist mode of production (CMP) has reached its limit and its crisis comes by itself, condemning it to death. The termss of this […]

18 avril 2020

Covid-19 crisis, health crisis, state crisis

The covid-19 crisis does not come from outside of humanity, of its social organization, of its environment. It comes from capitalism itself, because it is a mode of production that encompasses all aspects of human life and the reproduction of it, on a planetary scale now. The contradiction between town and country, which widens with […]

13 avril 2020

The irruption the Covid-19 crisis as political economy test

[Article from the next number of the international PDF review Communism.] The irruption the Covid-19 crisis has produced a series of reactions and non-reactions that say a lot about the political economy of the revolutionary organizations, or sometimes the lack of it, or even the non-revolutionary character of them. It is well known that the […]

9 avril 2020

On the situation brought about by the COVID-19 crisis in Belgium

The situation brought about by the COVID-19 crisis might be the biggest symbol of our entry in the 21st century in a time when capitalism is going on a rampage against biology and our nature itself. Today, everything has to be consumable, even wild animals on which global smuggling yields enormous amounts of money in […]

15 décembre 2019

On the International Communist Movement (MLM)

The International Communist Movement now relies on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Due to the uneven development, this statement is complex. Some organizations have understood one aspect of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in particular, others have developed a relatively fair understanding in several areas. There are many cases of figures. lt is well known, however, that it was the Communist Party of […]

1 mai 2019

Maoist Declaration of May 1, 2019

On the occasion of this new first of May, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Center of Belgium and the Communist Party of France (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) express their confidence and enthusiasm for the growing affirmation of the second wave of the world revolution. The first wave had given birth, a hundred years ago, in March, 1919, to the Communist International; […]

1 mai 2018

MLM Center (B), CPF(mlm) 1968 – 2018 : Maoist Joint declaration, First of May 2018

This First of May of this year has a particular significance : 50 years ago happened the student revolt of May 1968 in France, which produced a popular movement all around the country which brought more than ten millions workers to go on strike. It produced also numerous revolutionary organisations – which historically are summed […]

7 novembre 2017

Joint declaration – 1917 – 2017 : the goal is still the insurrection !

This 7th of November 2017, we celebrate the hundred years of the October revolution, which in 1917 led Russia to socialism, through an armed insurrection followed by a civil war between the red and the white armies. We say that this path is still valid today ; in each capitalist country, a revolutionary upsurge must […]

18 octobre 2017

MLM Center (B), CPF(mlm) – 18th of October 1977: Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, Jan-Carl Raspe

Genuine revolutionaries don’t commit suicide, they struggle for life, defending the revolutionary evolution of society, the dialectical development of matter. Full of joy and happiness, they carry a fighting spirit, the will of the upsurge, the revolutionary thought carrying a systematic criticism of the reactionary aspects. This is also the reason why Gonzalo, as he […]

16 septembre 2017

In defense of Gonzalo, theoretician of Maoism

“We humans are mere fragments of time and heartbeats, but our deeds will remain for centuries stamped on generation after generation. We will people the Earth with light and happiness.” Gonzalo History produces revolutionary leaders, people who breaks with the ideology dominating their epoch, denouncing injustice, studying the roots of the problems, paving the way […]

1 mai 2017

MLM Center (B), CPF(mlm) – Maoist Joint declaration, First of May 2017

This May 1, 2017 is marked by the historical strengthening of the tendency to imperialist war. Each camp polishes its weapons, strengthens its capacity for action, promotes nationalism. The United Kingdom tumbles to the exit of the European Union with the Brexit; in India, Narendra Modi organizes a regime in which Hinduism turns to fanaticism. […]

21 novembre 2016

OWA (MLM-pM), MLM Center (B), CPF(mlm) – Nepal, 2016 : ten years after the capitulation

Nepal – Timeline Ten years ago, on November 21, 2006, the World Revolution knew a setback with the capitulation of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), which ceased its People’s War to accept a “comprehensive Peace Agreement” with the government. At the time of the capitulation, the People’s War in Nepal began indeed to be […]

21 novembre 2016

Nepal – Timeline

April 1, 1986 : Communist Party of Nepal – Mashal tries without success to launch an armed process against the elections. In Kathmandu the statue of King Tribhuvan is painted black and a number of police posts attacked. April 9, 1990 : the ban on political parties is lifted. November 9, 1990 : a new […]

2 novembre 2016

Joint declaration : Learning from Lenin Guiding Thought

Next year, all the genuine revolutionaries in the world shall hail the October Revolution, the seizure of power in Russia in 1917. With the great Lenin at the head of the “Bolsheviks” forming the majority of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, the revolutionaries were able to overthrow the reactionary state and establish Socialism. As […]

1 septembre 2016

MLM Center [B] – 12 Arguments on Belgium

1. The historical separation between Belgium and the Netherlands The separation between Belgium and the Netherlands has not been natural. Philip II of Spain hastened it, mainly intending to suppress Calvinism which carried an anti-feudal approach, while capitalism strongly developed in the area. The impossibility of maintaining unity is due to various reasons and speeded […]

1 mai 2016

OWA (MLM-pM), MLM Center (B), CPF(mlm) : First of May 2016 Maoist Joint Declaration

**Uphold the flag of New Democracy and Socialism! Nothing can stop the movement of matter, the movement of change. And the task is to make this change real, developing itself correctly, to establish a better world, a pacified and unified humankind, a more developed society where culture, arts, science and ecology govern everyday life. A […]

17 novembre 2015

Joint statement : On some important aspects of the attacks in Paris – MLMCB, CPF(mlm)

We want to underline here some aspects that should be understood after the attacks on Friday, November 13th, in France i.e. in Paris, to have a correct and complete overview of the events. We make here a common document about it, because both our countries are concerned. We say that the Islamist project is a […]

17 novembre 2015

Gemeinsame Erklärung : Über wichtigen Aspekte der Anschläge in Paris – MLMZB, KPF(mlm)

Wir wollen hier manche Aspekte unterstreichen, die man nach den Angriffen in Frankreich bzw. Paris am 13. November 2015 verstehen muss, um ein korrektes und gesamtes Bild der Ereignisse zu haben. Wir machen hier eine gemeinsame Erklärung darüber, weil unsere beiden Ländern direkt betroffen sind. Wir sagen, dass der islamistische Projekt eine synthetisierte Ideologie ist, […]

5 novembre 2015

Joint declaration : On “Third Worldism” and the description of the “Three Worlds”

We wish to warn about an erroneous line that is dangerous for the International Communist Movement : “Third Worldism”. This conception negates the national frame, the dialectical movement of reality and develops ultra-leftist topics which bring only confusion. As we know, the Communist Party of China noted in 1963, in a reply to the Communist […]

1 mai 2015

First of May 2015 : Understand and fight the demons of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism!

In the famous painting “The School of Athens” by the Renaissance painter Raphael, we can see Plato and Aristotle as the central figures: Plato points his index finger to the heavens, calling to see beyond matter, whereas Aristotle points down to earth with his hand. Five hundred years afterwards, we can see that we have […]

18 août 2014

Vor 70 Jahren : die Bedeutung des Mordes an Ernst Thälmann

Auf ausdrücklichen Befehl von Hitler und Himmler wurde am 18. August 1944 Ernst Thälmann ermordet, nach über elfjähriger Einzelhaft. Er war vorher aus dem Zuchthaus Bautzen ausgeholt und ins KZ Buchenwald bei Weimar gebracht, wo seine Leiche nach dem Mord verbrannt wurde, damit er kein Grab bekommt. Diese Aktion war so geheim, dass die Nazi […]

18 août 2014

Seventeen years ago : the signification of the murder of Ernst Thälmann

On the express orders of Hitler and Himmler, Ernst Thälmann was murdered on August 18, 1944, after more than eleven years of solitary confinement. He had previously been brought from the Bautzen prison to the concentration camp of Buchenwald near Weimar, where his body was burned after the murder, so he gets no grave. This […]

8 octobre 2013


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15 novembre 2012

Statement of support to the people’s war in India

Imperialism, the highest and last phase of capitalism, phase of agony and decomposition of the world capitalist system, has been and remains a parasite of society, an obstacle to its progress, a man-eater and a destroyer of nature. To long for a new model of capitalism without imperialism is a petty bourgeois reverie. To think […]

15 novembre 2012

Declaración de apoyo a la guerra popular en la India

El imperialismo, fase superior y última del capitalismo, fase de agonía y descomposición del sistema capitalista mundial, ha sido y sigue siendo un parásito de la sociedad, una traba a su progreso, un devorador de hombres y un destructor de la naturaleza. Anhelar un nuevo modelo de capitalismo sin imperialismo, es un ensueño pequeño burgués. […]

1 mai 2012

Mensaje Conjunto a los Obreros de Todos los Países

¡Al Combate por el Triunfo de la Revolución Proletaria Mundial ! Como cada año, este Primero de Mayo los obreros de todos los países honran la memoria de los mártires de Chicago, estrechan sus lazos de solidaridad, pasan revista a sus filas y reafirman sus objetivos de abolir toda forma de explotación y de opresión […]

1 mai 2012

Joint Message to the Workers of All Countries

Let’s Struggle for the Triumph of The World Proletarian Revolution ! As every year, on this May Day the workers of all countries honor the memory of the martyrs of Chicago, narrow ties of solidarity, review their ranks and reaffirm their goals of abolishing all forms of exploitation and of oppression on Earth. A day […]

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