In Turkey, the TKP/ML thought that, as the “Three Worlds” theory was promoted by Deng Xiaoping, there couldn’t be another interpretation of it by Mao Zedong: there could be only a mere rejection. Here is the position of the TKP/ML, through an excerpt from a document published on September 9, 1979, on the third anniversary of Mao Zedong’s death.

“Presently, the attacks directed against Mao Tsetung are being unleashed not only by the ruling classes. Internationally, the discussion of whether Mao Tsetung was a genuine communist or not has been brought to the agenda.

This has been initiated by the PLA (the Party of Labour of Albania) which led the national and democratic revolution in Albania, guided the Albanian proletariat in the construction of socialism, and along with the CPC struggled against Khrushchevite modern revisionism and which we still consider to be Marxist-Leninist.

The PLA in an irresponsible manner has declared the struggle of Mao Tsetung and the CPC under his leadership as anti Marxist-Leninist and counter-revolutionary. It has claimed that Mao Tsetung is responsible for the counterrevolutionary theory of « 3 Worlds » and that the traitor Teng-Hua clique is continuing the line of Mao Tsetung.

This grave error of the PLA has pleased the opportunists and revisionists of all hues worldwide and become a source of strength for them in sabotaging the proletarian led revolutions.”

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